Features of 20X Staffing Agency Software that help in CQC Compliance and General Client Confidence

20X, the UK’s number 1 staffing agency software, comes with a number of features that help to make fundamentally positive impacts on care quality and safety – thus achieving a favourable outlook from CQC inspectors.

  1. 20X has a robust and fully online, app-based staff registration system. 
  • The registration captures all relevant staff information including their qualifications/training, work experience, skills, and specialties as well as full background checks. 
  • The app-based system alerts the staff in real-time to keep their registrations and compliance documents up to date. This is achieved through expiry warnings. 
  • Any member of staff failing to keep compliance data up-to-date is automatically alerted to the agency management, enabling their deactivation or other necessary action to be taken from within the system. Once a member of staff is deactivated, they won’t be able to accept any new shifts until they satisfactorily meet compliance requirements and bring their account fully up to speed.
  1. 20X staffing agency software alerts the management and staff members with upcoming training, DBS and  Right To Work expiry dates to enable them to take proactive action before getting barred from the agency.
  2. The system has features in place to record any complaints and incidents received from a care provider where a staff member has worked. It provides a full audit trail of activities about their shifts and employment.
  3. An agency can give permission to a care provider to give reviews and ratings for staff members. This serves as a useful tool to encourage a positive working attitude and hard work. At the same time, agencies can be notified about poorly performing staff, enabling necessary corrective action to be taken.
  4. 20X has a comprehensive set of reports for management information to take preventive and corrective actions. For example, 20X can provide a report for a particular staff member with all their reviews, admin notes and any corrective actions taken to date. It can also produce a full audit trail of activities, work history, document expiry and more – for a specific member of staff or even for the entire staff pool of the agency.

20X addresses the 5 Key Questions related to staff that CQC generally look into:

Are they safe? 

The agency is equipped to put in place a rigorous background checks system for all staff members. 20X makes this easy. The staff background checks built into 20X require that the staff have a valid DBS, Right to Work and NMC (where applicable). It also ensures that they are suitably qualified, with adequate training and work experience.

Are they effective?

In ensuring the effectiveness of care services, CQC inspectors are dedicated to seeing that all  care, treatment, and support ‘achieves good outcomes, helps you to maintain quality of life and is based on the best available evidence.’ 20X provides robust staff compliance procedures in order to ensure top-quality care and the best possible outcomes.

Are they caring? 

CQC expects staff to ‘involve and treat you with compassion, kindness, dignity, and respect and those are the high standards they are checking for. The 20X software provides tools and processes enabling more effective recruitment, management of interviews and final staff selection. This empowers staffing agencies to select and employ staff with adequate experience; references are obtained through the 20X system.

Are they responsive to people’s needs? 

Services are organised so that they meet the needs of the care organisation and their service recipients – the residents. This can be achieved through a concerted effort of the agency management, the care organisation and the staff members. 20X software helps to achieve this through a range of measures, including a powerful feature that gives priority to staff members who have previously worked in a specific care home or hospital – enabling continuity of care.

Are they well-led? 

CQC says it wants to ensure that the leadership, management, and governance of an  organisation is achieving ‘high-quality care that’s based around your individual needs, that it encourages learning and innovation, and that it promotes an open and fair culture.’ 20X is designed to help its users reach and maintain these high standards through a variety of in-built features. For example, the admin user rights allow the agency management to coordinate admin staff to ever higher degrees of complexity – allocating them just the right mix of duties for the relevant department, while senior management is freed up to focus squarely on business matters.

The most robust agency management software helps you to build a finely-tuned organisation in an age where businesses are expected to handle vast and confusing quantities of data and regulation. Now you can let the 20X software take care of it all for you.

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