How 20x automatically logs staff working hours with its timesheet portal and app:

“Admin overload is leaving business decision makers feeling overwhelmed and stressed, finds research.

Some 80 per cent of business decision-makers and 90 percent of executives say they have had to spend time outside working hours to catch up on their work administrative tasks, with more than a third (35 per cent) admitting they have let their family down as a result of this admin overload.”

Although this quote is a few years old it is something that most people who are trying to run successful companies can relate to.  There is so much repetitive administration to get through and as soon as you have finished one task another task is already waiting for you.  Furthermore, by the time you’ve finished your admin tasks it’s nearly always time to start all over again. 

This relentless cycle has resulted in many people turning to computers and software for solutions and we at 20X are ready to help you to revolutionise many of your most time consuming tasks into either systems that take a fraction of the time or even seemingly automated systems. 

We receive a lot of feedback from our clients and potential clients and one pinch point is managing timesheets systems.

Our 20X timesheet portal and timesheet app will amaze you with how easy it is to use as well as by how much time it will save you.

Our timesheet system enables:

  • Staff to clock in and out from the app on their phone
    • This logs the hours they have worked 
    • This can capture the location they clocked in from
  • The portal to automatically collate everyone’s hours worked
    • The system uses the data collected by the app
    • The system can automatically calculate pay
  • The checking of hours worked
    • The timesheet portal will enable you to quickly check the length of the shift against the hours logged by the staff member
  • The signing off of timesheets
    • The portal shows the hours works
    • The portal shows the timesheets or a managements signature
    • After a brief review timesheets can be processed individually or in bulk

The 20X timesheet portal and timesheet app are sector leading – they save our clients hundreds of hours per year by vastly reducing and automating otherwise very repetitive tasks.  

20X could do the same for you, freeing you up to concentrate on making your business the very best it can be.  Why not book a demo today. 

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