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How 20x automatically logs staff working hours with its timesheet portal and app:

“Admin overload is leaving business decision makers feeling overwhelmed and stressed, finds research. Some 80 per cent of business decision-makers and 90 percent of executives say they have had to spend time outside working hours to catch up on their work administrative tasks, with more than a third (35 per cent) admitting they have let…

Healthcare Technology Development

Something that’s often a topic of conversation and political debate is the question of whether technology is ‘taking our jobs’. Modern-day advances in technology, engineering, and automation have certainly left many of us questioning future job security in some sectors, including healthcare.  With plenty of companies being quick to either take up new technologies or…

Features of 20X Staffing Agency Software that help in CQC Compliance and General Client Confidence

20X, the UK’s number 1 staffing agency software, comes with a number of features that help to make fundamentally positive impacts on care quality and safety – thus achieving a favourable outlook from CQC inspectors. 20X has a robust and fully online, app-based staff registration system.  The registration captures all relevant staff information including their…

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